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Do you want to go abroad for your education and career?

Meet the most popular program to Germany! It's called Ausbildung. Ausbildung is an advanced learning system in Germany that consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. Ausbildung or Azubi (Auszubildende) participants have to work 3-4 days a week in a company. The rest 8 to 12 hours a week studying theory at the Berufschule.

Therefore, Azubi has a relative income or salary of up to 1000 Euros per month (it is depending on the company).

The Ausbildung program is not only specific to Germans. However this program is open to the whole world. It's just that there is one important requirement that must be achieved by all Ausbildung participants, that is mastering in German Language at least Level B1.


Everyone can join the Ausbildung program, but are you one of them?

Ausbildung is not easy. However, Bright Education Indonesia always manages to produce great Azubis, of course, this can be happen because we apply additional special requirements for those of you who are interested in joining the Ausbildung program, including:

  1. At least, you have graduated from Senior High School / Vocational School (SMA / K)
  2. Have a strong mental, physically and spiritually healthy.
  3. Able to compete and have competence.
  4. Also mastering in Deutsch proficiency at least level B1 (Intermediate).

Have you achieved the criteria from Number 1 to 3? If so, then all you have to do is learning German Language!

German Course
With Bright Education Indonesia

Consult your dream so that you can go to Germany. You can work, live and even continue your study there with us.

Besides counseling services, we also have a German teaching team that has proven to be able to produce Azubi candidates who are fluent in German Language.

"The Ausbildung Program or Professional Education (is) good. It is German model. (Because) education in Germany has a kind of philosophy, quality, and lowest cost in the world. "

– Prof. Dr. H. Cecep Darmawan, S.Pd., S.IP., M.Si., M.H.

German Ausbildung Preparation Program

Rp. 32.000.000,00

*costs can be paid in installments


Your dream to go, live and work in the Ausbildung program in Germany will be 100% supported. What kind of support will you get?

German course until passing level B1

Document translation into German


We will find companies which provide Ausbildung program hat have covered your needs.


Meal allowance.

Health insurance.

Transportation Access.

Get 24 days off every year.

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