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Bright Education Indonesia

PT CAHAYA PENDIDIKAN INTERNASIONAL is an educational and career (working) consulting agency abroad. We are committed to helping young Indonesians in realizing their dreams to go international.

Together with Bright Education Indonesia, Everyone can achieve their dreams. Exploring Europe, Asia, even Australia for working and living there. All of that is not something that is impossible now!

Program unggulan kami

Foreign Language Course

Kami memiliki program kursus Bahasa Jerman, Jepang maupun Inggris. Program kursus bahasa ini dibuat untuk menunjang kebutuhan generasi muda Indonesia yang memiliki keinginan untuk kuliah atau bekerja di negara berbahasa Jerman, Jepang maupun Inggris

Ausbildung to Germany

Ausbildung is a collaborative program of PT. Cahaya Pendidikan Internasional with the Ausbildung institute in Germany. This program is intended for the younger generation who have the desire to attend a vocational training school while doing an internship and earn an allowance every month in Germany.

Consult your Education and Career abroad

  • Internship in Germany (Ausbildung)
  • Program Perawat ke Jerman (Nurse)
  • Tokutei-Ginou & Jisshusei Jepang
  • Sekolah dan Bekerja ke Australia
  • University Trip or Language Course

Encourage Yourself To Become The Generation That Reaches Your Dreams!

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Make your dreams come true to live in Asia, Australia to Europe.

You can have an unforgettable extraordinary experience!

Now you can explore Asia, Australia and Europe!

Learning using extraordinary learning methods.

Graduates Abroad

Those Who Already There

Germany is a place to get to know myself better.

Lavenia Mustika

Hotelfachfrau - Kühlungsborn

Paint a beautiful story with your two hands, run bravely, don't let the opportunity go away again.

Farel Yusvariza

Hotelfachmann | Morada Resort Kühlungsborn

Don't dream of being successful, but doing something that will make you success. Germany is where I can value time and get to know myself better (Zeit ist Geld)

Fuzzi Indah Yani

Freiwillige Soziale Jahr

Staying in Germany teaches you many valuable things about life, your mindset, you will also get many valuable experiences that you never imagined before.

Ribka Artha Maria

Köchin | Morada Hotel Isetal, Gifhorn

I learned so many things since I'm living in Germany such us about self-growing, respect each other, and work & study hard, and never give up no matter what circumstances are. I also could finally archive one of my dreams which is to do travel in Europe and met my internet friends and many more and I'm really grateful for it

Dinda Irawan

Restaurantfachfrau | Freund Hotel Sport & Spa Vöhl

Bright Education is like a bridge between me and my dreams. Come to Germany is not an ending of my goal but as a start. My mind has become more open as well as my insight. However, of course everything takes time, determination, effort and patience.

Muhamad Ihsanudin Albasyir

Hotelfachmann | Hotel zum Storch Schlüsselfeld, Bamberg, Bayern

Ausbildung is the best thing for people who want to know and learn the work system in Germany, they can also get new knowledge. With Ausbildung, I can get new knowledge and work experiences too

Sri Rohanah

Restaurantfachfrau | Parkhotel Hitzacker

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Our Teams

With our tagline 'Everyone can go abroad', we always try to build an effective work environment so that we can always do our best in presenting the greatest potential of this educational institution and international career. We have wonderful people who will fulfill your dream of exploring Europe, Asia and even Australia.

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