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Study in Germany

Germany is the most popular non-Anglophone study destination in the world. Learn more about Studying in Germany from Bright Education Indonesia below!

Studi di Jerman

Germany has many top-ranked universities in Western Europe. Quoted in 2015, the Times Higher Rankings ranked LMU Munich at the 29th best in the world, Heidelberg University at 37th and Humboldt University of Berlin at 49th, as well as many other German institutions in the top 100 universities. in this world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this country is known for its quality teaching and state-of-the-art facilities, besides that the German government is also very supportive of the higher education sector. Annually funds are budgeted for research projects, enabling students to undertake a variety of individual and research projects that are pioneers in their field. Therefore, studying in Germany is the dream of many people

The Benefits of Studying in Germany

Free Study Tuition

Based on information from the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Berlin, the German government made a regulation to free tuition fees or what we can call tuition fees. The tuition waiver does not only apply to German citizens but also foreigners. At the very least it is necessary to pay a small amount of annual administration fee ranging from 117.50 to 439 Euros. With minimal costs, participants can get the best quality education and can realize their dreams of studying abroad. And it is not impossible that participants can also pursue a career in Germany.

Job Opportunities in Germany

After studying in Germany, of course, foreigners also get the opportunity to work in Germany in all fields according to the field of education pursued. In 2019 a population and employment survey was conducted in Germany, the results were quite surprising because there was an increase of 20 percent of foreign workers in German companies. It turned out that in 2018, the German government passed a new law to meet the demands of fulfilling foreign workers from non-EU countries (European Union).

High Life Quality Standards

A high standard of quality of life is defined by Germany having good jobs, a clean and comfortable living environment, low crime rate, and lots of entertainment and events. culture, then good transportation. Of course, these things make Germany a classy country and able to pamper its people. This makes you as a foreign citizen get a good impression of Germany because all the facilities provided by the government are very good. Germany is also one of the countries with a very low level of corruption, all the good public facilities are due to good fund management and the obedience of its citizens in paying taxes on time.


Anyone can continue their studies in Germany, but are you one of them?

The way to study in Germany is not easy, but Bright Education Indonesia has always succeeded in sending prospective students to Germany. With the Study to Germany program that we have provided and the encouragement and motivation of the participants, we believe that we can help participants to study in Germany. There are some additional special requirements for those of you who are interested in studying in Germany, including:

  1. Have graduated from High School / Vocational School (SMK) or College with scores not below average.
  2. Have a strong mental, physically and spiritually healthy.
  3. Able to compete and have competence.
  4. Also mastering in Deutsch proficiency at least level B1 (Intermediate).

Have you achieved the criteria from Number 1 to 3? If so, then all you have to do is learning German Language!

German Language Course With Bright Education Indonesia

Consult your dream so that you can go to Germany. You can work, live and even continue your study there with us.

We also have a German language teaching team that has been proven to produce German-speaking prospective students. Bright Education has qualified teaching staff because of the learning methods that are always updated according to the times, besides friendly teaching staff will make it easier for participants to understand and implement the knowledge that has been learned. 

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