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University Trip

University Trip Program is one of the programs that held by Bright Education Indonesia.

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University Trip is a visit program to the best and leading universities in various countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and many others.

This program is held with the aim of knowing and getting to know more about the universities visited.

This program is carried out like a study tour that is often held by high schools in Indonesia.

Where, in this University Tour Program the participants in their visits to destination universities not only tour the university but also take part in other activities such as seminars or discussions held with the aim of getting to know the university more deeply and held in collaboration with the university.

In this University Trip Program, participants will not only visit one university in one country, but also visit several universities in a country or even visit several universities in several countries at once.

Each University Trip Program will have details of different activities according to the programs offered in the University Trip Package that will be followed.

Although the University Trip Program is held with the main aim of making participants more familiar with the universities they visit, each program will also include visits to tourist attractions in the area/country.

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Who Can Take a University Trip?

The Univesity Trip Program is held for anyone who is interested and interested in universities outside Indonesia, especially for those who desire to study abroad (study abroad). By making direct visits to these universities, it will certainly make participants feel firsthand how the atmosphere and atmosphere of studying at the university is.

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