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(Jisshusei) program

Jisshusei is an internship program in Japan. 


Jisshusei is a period of training while interning in Japan. Jisshusei takes 2 years to complete the Jisshusei period. So the total internship process in Japan is 3 years.

The minimum income or salary earned is ¥ 110,000 depending on the company and working hours.

Through this program, you will get many benefits such as:

  1. Short process
  2. High salary standard ( minimum ¥ 110.000 / month)
  3. First pocket money to Japan


Everyone can join the Jissusei program, but are you one of them?

Ausbildung is not easy. However, Bright Education Indonesia always apply additional special requirements for those of you who are interested in joining the Jisshusei program, including:

General Requirements:

  1. Men or Women
  2. 18-27 years old
  3. Minimum SMK/SMA graduate
  4. Physically and mentally healthy
  5. Does not smoke (during the language course process in the learning area until going to Japan), does not have tattoos, does not have piercings and does not use drugs
  6. Have a strong mentality

Document Requirements:

  1. Latest CV
  2. 3 x 4 and 4 x 6 photos (4 photos for each)
  3. KK (Kartu Keluarga)
  4. KTP (Id Card)
  5. Latest diploma that has been legalized
  6. Academic Transcript
  7. N4 Certificate (Language education)
  8. Signed letter of representation of willingness to attend training before going to Japan (provided by Bright Education)
  9. Signed parent / guardian consent letter (which has been provided by Bright Education)
  10. Signed agreement letter between the student and Bright Education Indonesia


There are several fields of work available for the (Jisshusei) program which include:


Nurses to care for the elderly


Manufacture of Equipment & Machinery Parts

Manufacturing Machinery Industry

Electrical, Electronic and Information Industry


Food & Beverage Production

Food Service Industry

Aviation Industry

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Industry

Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Japanese Course
With Bright Education Indonesia

Consult your dream so that you can go to Japan. You can work, live and even continue your study there with us.

Besides counseling services, we also have a Japanese teaching team who has proven to be able to produce candidates who are fluent in Japanese.


We will fully support your dreams, aspirations and desires to go to Japan and live and work in the Jisshusei program in Japan.

What kind of support will you get?

  1. Short process 
  2. All costs for processing documents, visa, final MCU, airline tickets, mentoring and training will be borne by Bright Education Indonesia in advance. (All fees will be refunded after the participant works in Japan with a salary deduction installment system until it is paid off.)

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