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(Freiwlliges Soziales Jahr)

FSJ (Freiwlliges Soziales Jahr) is a social work program in Germany.

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In this program FSJ participants will be volunteers to work in the social sector of the Panzer country. Even though they are volunteers, it does not mean that FSJ participants are not paid, they are also given pocket money. However, it is not as much as those who join other work programs such as Ausbildung.

Although the title holds Soziales which means social. It turns out that the FSJ program is not only for the social sector, there are also other fields such as Okoligi, or others. It's just that for the social sector, there are quite a lot of FSJ vacancies.

More specifically, this FSJ work area in Germany could include kindergarten, hospital or elderly care center. The pocket money that they will be earned will also vary. Which is about 300-500 Euro. This is adjusted to the rules and location, as well as the working hours applicable in each company or träger.


As already mentioned above. FSJ (Freiwlliges Soziales Jahr) is a social work program in Germany. In this program, participants will volunteer to work in companies that require language readiness. Here, we will also outline what preparations you must prepare if you are interested in joining this FSJ program:

  1. Basic German language certificate level (A1-A2). Also, it will be even better if you have an intermediate German language certificate level (B1).
  2. Passport.
  3. A strong motivation to join FSJ program.
  4. Mentally ready to adapt new environment.

Kursus Bahasa Jerman Bersama Bright Education Indonesia

Consult your dream so that you can go to Germany. You can work, live and even continue your study there with us.

Besides counseling services, we also have a German teaching team that has proven to be able to produce Azubi candidates who are fluent in German Language.

"The Ausbildung Program or Professional Education (is) good. It is German model. (Because) education in Germany has a kind of philosophy, quality, and lowest cost in the world. "

– Prof. Dr. H. Cecep Darmawan, S.Pd., S.IP., M.Si., M.H. –

German Course
With Bright Education Indonesia

– Rp. 32.000.000,00 –

*costs can be paid in installments


Your dream to go, live and work in the Ausbildung program in Germany will be 100% supported. What kind of support will you get?

German course until passing level B1

Document translation into German


We will find companies which provide FSJ program that have covered your needs.


Meal allowance.

Health insurance.

Transportation Access.

Get Vacation Every Year

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