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Au-Pair Pertukaran Budaya

Au-Pair is a cultural exchange program where participants stay at home host family

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In language, Au-Pair comes from French which when we translated into English it becomes on a pair which can also be translated into Indonesian as recompense.

When you become a participant, you will become a domestic assistant from a foreign country who works and lives with a host family and plays a role as part of their family. Therefore, the person also shares in the responsibilities of the adoptive family. By joining as a participant, your relationship with the host family will be close and it is not impossible, after the program is complete you will still have a good relationship with the host family.

Au-Pair in Germany

In Indonesia, the term Au-Pair may sound strange. It's just that in developed countries such as Australia, America and countries in Europe such as Britain, France, and Germany this program is common. In Europe, this program is in great demand because of its many benefits, one of which is that you can gain new knowledge regarding host family culture and practice skills to socialize and communicate with new people.

According to the regulations in Germany, the requirements to work as an Au-Pair must not be less than 18 years old and the maximal is 25 years old. They can not have children and they should be in good health condition. In addition, they must also have a basic level of German language certificate (i.e. A1-A2).

If all of these requirements are filled the opportunity to take part in the Au-Pair program is open. However, there are also German families who are looking for Au-Pairs, generally they prioritize applicants who have experience in household and child care.

We must Abolish the Au-Pair Paradigm Equals Maid

Au-Pair is NOT a maid or a baby sitter.

As mentioned above, Au-Pair program participants will become part of the host familyhost familyand have an equal position with them. In this case they will act as brothers or sisters.This program gives participants the opportunity to have new families with very different backgrounds and cultures. In addition to getting a new family, participants will also get experience and pocket money. Very interesting program isn't it?

Requirements AuPair

As already mentioned above. That participating in the Au-Pair still needs preparation because you will meet many new people and of course will learn a new culture. Therefore, here we describe again, what preparations you must prepare if you are interested in joining this program:

  1. Basic German language certificate level (A1-A2). Also, it will be even better if you have an intermediate German language certificate level (B1).
  2. Passport.
  3. A strong motivation to join Au-Pair program.
  4. Mentally ready to adapt new environment.

German Course
With Bright Education Indonesia

Consult your dream so that you can go to Germany. You can work, live and even continue your study there with us.

Besides counseling services, we also have a German teaching team that has proven to be able to produce Azubi candidates who are fluent in German Language.

German AuPair Preparation Program

– Rp. 20.000.000,00 –

*costs can be paid in installments


Your dream to go, live and work in the Ausbildung program in Germany will be 100% supported. What kind of support will you get?

German course until passing level B1

Document translation into German


Search for a host family that has covered your needs.


Meal allowance.

Health insurance.

Transportation Access.

Language School

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