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Working as a Nurse in Germany

Currently Germany is in need of nurses with an intergovernmental cooperation scheme (G to G) Triple Win.


Managing Director of the German Energy Agency (BA), Director of the Asian Region of the German Ministry of Health and Regional Manager (GIZ) said that Germany needed nurses with a Triple Win intergovernmental cooperation scheme (G to G).

With the large demand for manpower in Germany, especially in the health sector, this opens up opportunities for Indonesian nurses to more easily spread their wings to become nurses abroad. So that the opportunity to work as a nurse in Germany is very open to the people of Indonesia.

In 2020 the German state no longer provides a distinction between the fields of nursing in hospitals, parental care, and child care. By combining these trainings, you will get a better qualification as a Nurse participant. You can work in further professional fields and you also benefit from better salary remuneration. 

Unlike the Ausbildung Nurse, this program is specifically for Indonesian Nurses or Midwives who already have work experience. Participants who go to Germany will undergo an initial upgrading for 1 year (learning German level B2 and practical work in a hospital) and get an allowance of 1500 Euros/month. If the participant is declared to have passed the B2 certificate exam and passed the Ners practical exam then he will immediately work in the Hospital and earn a salary of 2500-3000 Euro/month. Interesting right?


  • D3/D4 graduate in Midwifery and Nursing or S1 + Ners.
  • Have work experience for D3/D4 Midwifery and Nursing graduates at least 2 (two) years.
  • Have work experience for S1 + Ners graduates at least 1 (one) year.
  • Having good interpersonal ability.
  • Ready to learn German up to level B2.
  • Ready to be placed in Germany.
  • CV (Curriculum Vitae) in English
  • Latest diploma.
  • Last Grade Transcript.
  • STR (Letter of Registration).

Become a Nurse in Germany Needs Preparation!

Take a German course with Bright Education Indonesia!

Consult your dream to be able to go to Germany, work and live and even become an International Nurse or Midwife.

Besides counseling services, we also have a team of German language teacher who has been proven to help your Deutsch learning process faster!


-Rp 32.000.000,00-

*costs can be paid in installments


We will support your dream become a Nurse in Germany 100%! What kind of support will you get?

German course until passing level B1

German courses up to B2 level in Indonesia or Germany.

Other support such as:


Meal allowance.

Health insurance.

Transportation Access.

Preparation Fee Refundable

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